Insane OG Strain – Review

If you have ever tried to learn how to play the guitar, then you will know what the name Insane OG Strains is all about. It has gained a huge reputation since the early nineties from people all over the world. It is a very famous guitar music group from America, lead by Tommy Lee. It has been hyped in the press and talked about in the forums since the very first time I heard of it.

I was introduced to it through a friend of my friend. She introduced me to the band when I was searching for information on a guitar music group. My friend told me that they were very popular in the early days but had lost their edge a few years later. I watched as the name was gradually fading out of my memory. But I had remembered the name insane og strain and checked it out, to my amazement it was real!

Strain Review: Insane Punch OG from Dr. Greenthumbs - The Highest Critic

The band is an American band, which makes playing the guitar sound pretty awesome. They have five albums which have all been successful selling albums. The band got their start playing in the United Kingdom and have since gone on to become successful all over again. The band members have all developed their own styles within the guitar music group.

The band has a very unique style of playing the guitar that you will not find with any other guitar music group. Tommy Lee has played mostly hard rock and heavy metal for the past fifteen years or so, while Dave Collins has mainly played acoustic guitar for the past eight or nine years. There are some songs on this album which cover different musical styles, such as blues and funk. The songs are all original and interesting, and have their own sound.

One song that I especially like is called ‘Reckoning’. It is an excellent track and contains some great lyrics. The lyrics go into great detail about how a break up can ruin someone’s life, but then how things work if you get back together again. This is just one of the great songs that this band has released, and the quality of it really stands out.

This is only an example of what this band has done, as there are many more songs that you can listen to. The songs on this album are some of my favorites that they have released. You might not think that this is going to be an influence for you to try out if you are a hard rock fan, but you should look into this band more. I am sure that you will like what you hear from them, and you will be able to play along with their guitar music group.

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